Kumaravadivelu with University professors in Colombia

Trinidad & Tobago 2018 – Sponsored by The University of the West Indies. St. Augustine
(January 7-19, 2018).
Public lecture, two workshops for faculty, reseach consultation.

Mexico 2016 – Sponsored by Universidad de Guanajuato
(April 21-24, 2016).
Guest lectures, panel discussion, research feedback for graduate faculty and students at the Departmento de Lenguas.

Colombia 2015– Sponsored by Universidad de Antioquia
(May 27 - June 8, 2015).
Guest lectures and research consultation on postmethod pedagogy and professional development, graduate faculty and students at Escuela de Idiomas.

China 2013– Sponsored partly by U.S. Embassy in China and NAFLE (National Association of Foreign Language Education, the Chinese Society of Education
(One week, July 15-21, 2013).
Agenda: (a) keynote address at the 18th NAFLE international conference, Beijing Normal University, and (b) talk and consultation about Postmethod Pedagogy at Minzu University, Beijing.

Indonesia – Sponsored jointly by Widya Mandala Catholic University (WMCU), Surabaya, and U.S. State Department
(Two weeks, November 2-13, 2012).
Offered a short course on “Designing a postmethod pedagogy for the Indonesian Context” for University Faculty and MA/Ph.D. students. The agenda included:
(a) understanding postmethod principles and practices;
(b) devising postmethod classroom instructional strategies;
(c) designing suitable instructional materials for a postmethod pedagogy; and
(d) doing classroom-based teacher research in the postmethod era.
Conducted research consultation sessions for faculty. Delivered a keynote address at the 59th International conference organized by The Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia (TEFLIN).

China – Sponsored by Peking University, Bejing
(Three weeks, June 8 - July 3, 2012).
Had consultations with the faculty in the School of Chinese as a Second Language on matters related to research, curriculum, and teaching.  Advised groups of postgraduate students on their research projects. Delivered a series of eight guest lectures to faculty and postgraduate students on topics related to postmethod pedagogy, teacher education, teacher research, and cultural globalization. Delivered a plenary address at the 4th International Symposium on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language for Young Scholars.

Singapore – Sponsored by National Institute of Education, Singapore
(Two weeks, August 1-17, 2011).
Advised the faculty in English Language and Literature program on their individual research projects. Delivered lectures on various topics including language and identity, and classroom-based teacher research.

Colombia – Sponsored by U.S. State Department’s English Language Specialist Program
(Two weeks, July 28 - August 10, 2010). 
Worked with professors and teachers from
(a) The Centro Colombo Americano,
(b) Universidad de Antioquia,
(c) Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana,
(d) Universidad EAFIT and (e) Foundacion Universitaria Luis Amigo.
Offered lectures/workshops/individual and group consultation on
(a) Teaching and teacher education,
(b) Professional development, and
(c) Action Research.

Singapore – Sponsored by National Institute of Education, Singapore
(One week, December 5-12, 2008).
Offered lectures and workshops on
(a) Language teacher education,
(b) Cultural Globalization,
(c) Classroom discourse analysis.

Hong Kong – Sponsored by Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
(Two months – April-May, 2008, sabbatical).
Offered lectures/workshops/consultation on English as a foreign language
(a) teacher education,
(b) teaching methods,
(c) action research, and
(d) the teaching of culture in the age of globalization.